7 inches are not 10

One of the things I like about my BlackBerry PlayBook is its size; I find the 7 inches really convenient.  Here are some picts:

At Work

Here is my work arrangement: a raised Mac, with an external screen, a stand for my BlackBerry 9930 and a charging dock for the PlayBook.

The PlayBook works as a dedicated PIM device, the PIM apps on the PlayBook 2 are as good, or better, than those in my Mac.  The 7inch PlayBook neatly fits in the space below my external monitor.

At Home

Similar arrangement, except that I have I have dual keyboards, top is a bluetooth keyboard for the PlayBook, bottom is my Leopold, for the Mac.

On the Road

I got a Timbuk2 Eula for Christmas; I have plenty of other bags, but I wanted to try a small size, and I really like it.  Its small:

but has space for all the essentials:

… which in this case means several PlayBooks, a Moleskin Notebook and cables:

I don’t need all those micro-HDMI to HDMI cables but they all fit in that Eagle Creek Quarter Cube.  And my experience with connectors is that whichever I leave out I’ll need, so I carry one of each.  The DisplayPort is for the Mac, just in case.

Everything fits well in the Timbuk2, a tad over 5lbs, which is not bad considering the amount of electronics in there…

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One Response to “7 inches are not 10”

  1. kermed Says:

    I agree. I actually was fairly insistent at my old company that my team buy PlayBooks. There is a very practical reason for this: My team handled very sensitive company information. And notepads are easy to lose or have stolen. At least with a PlayBook, they need your password to obtain your meeting notes, images and sketches of beta systems. It worked very well for the team.

    Plus, in narrow meetings looking at alpha units, its handly having a light weight tool for recording details!

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