CS Education Coordinator Position at CSUMB

May 9, 2016

The Cal State University Monterey Bay has an opening for a CS Education Coordinator.  CSUMB is one of the newest CSU campuses, in the location of the former Fort Ord.  I’ve worked with Prof. Sathya Narayan in the last couple of years, mentoring 2 Capstone teams and interacting with several students in Hackathons and internships.  The teaching team at CSUMB is doing an excellent job, they have two very pretty new buildings (LIT and BIT), and the location is gorgeous.

Check with Prof Sathya if you are interested in the position.  And feel free to ping me if you want additional context.   You can also check out my Flickr albums on CSUMB (Capstone 2016, Capstone 2015, visit to CSUMB).

Below is the post from Sathya.

CS Ed Coordinator Position

Estimote Plugin for NativeScript

April 4, 2016


Mehfuz has published a NativeScript plugin for Estimote.  The plugin works for iOS and for Android.  When in iOS, the LocationCore event will be delivered to the app.  If the app is not in the foreground, the event will be stored in local storage and can later be delivered to a cloud location using background sync.

Cesar Galvan will be leveraging this plugin in our CSUMB Capstone project to implement a mobile app for the Capstone Festival (May 20th).  The app will be aware of different locations inside the new BIT building and will help attendees and presenters navigate the event.

Repo is at https://github.com/progress/estimote-tracker, with ASL2 license.

Using Slack in a Large Hackathon

March 5, 2016

Earlier this week Developer.Telerik.Com published a note I wrote about a recent experience of using Slack in a large Hackathon.   Check it out here.


Why Wombats?

February 4, 2016

My G+ avatar is a Womby, a wombat.


Yesterday I was in a concall and Womby was mistaken for a squirrel (!).  I educated the offending party but it took me a bit to find the correct references so I’m collecting them here:

Why Wombat?

  • They are interesting animals
  • A group of Wombats is called a Wisdom (ha! I didn’t know that!)
  • They have history as jargon, particularly this and this
  • At Sun, we used Wombat in the past in several projects, from as way back as JavaBeans and JSP and many other places.  There the original instigator was Graham Hamilton ([1]). Jerome Dochez ([2], [3]) and myself ([4]) also included Wombats. Graham, Jerome and I were all part of the original JavaBeans team and there also scattered references to other Java documents like ([4])
  • I believe the “original” source of Wombats at DEC is via Datatrieve (DTR); see Datatrieve and Wombats (from IBPhoenix). Jim Starkey was the original designer of Datatrieve and, I believe, the original injector of Wombat.

Personally I was introduced to Wombats by Graham, who worked at DEC before joining Sun.  I met Jim after the MySQL acquisition by Sun but didn’t realize his relationship to wombats at the time.

DTR was a 4GL language (not dissimilar to OpenEdge in spirit).  Below is the output of



And here is Jim Starkey and Wombat


Photos from progressNEXT for Partners – 2016

February 4, 2016

Just back from a very productive trip to Las Vegas for progressNEXT for Partners.  My team had written the conference App using our technology stack (Rollbase + Telerik Platform + Modulus), and we also connected it with some RFID infrastructure using the AMTech platform.

I’ll write a proper description of what we did and how we did it, but in the meantime, check the photo album at Flickr.

CES 2016

January 18, 2016

GM’s Bolt – 200Miles BEV

I visited CES 2016 two weeks ago.  I could only manage a day and a half so it was a somewhat rushed trip but worthy.  I wrote a note on the trip at the Progress Blogs; check it as Virtual Reality and Other Impressions from CES 2016.  The companion Flickr album is here.

I also checked the Four Seasons hotel for our progressNEXT event at the end of the month.    We are working with partners on the conference app, using Telerik Next, Modulus and Rollbase for the basic app, plus some extra IOT goodies as a stretch goal (very tight schedule).  I’ll report back.

HackMIT – Sep 2015

October 11, 2015

HackMIT was a few weeks back, Sept 19 and 20, and Progress was a sponsor.  Jen, Jeremiah and I went there to encourage the adoption of the Telerik Platform, NativeScript and Modulus.

Attendance was about 1000 students.  The event was 24 hours, from Saturday at 10 am until Sunday at that time; a very civilized approach compared to previous events I’ve attended where hacking starts around 10 pm on Friday.

The event was at the Zesiger Sports center (map link).  Akhil managed to make it to the event (but ended up being too busy for the actual hacking), so he is in some of the pictures (Flickr album and below); a couple of other students friends there were there, sometimes we connected, sometimes we didn’t (reminder to myself – don’t email, IM is the tool of choice for this generation!).


Akhil and me in front of the hacking space


Akhil, me and Jeremiah


Team FridgeBouncer and Jen. Their NativeScript app used Clarif.ai to track the content of your grocery bag and estimate the expiration date for its content.


1000 students buzzing

A great experience.  And I think 24 hours is much better than 36 (hint to other organizers!).  More pictures at my Flickr Album.

Trip to Sao Paulo for CALA Exchange 2015

October 10, 2015


I visited Sao Paulo this Tuesday to attend and present at Progress Exchange CALA.  It was a great experience, even considering that a red eye was involved.  It was very nice to be back in Latin America – I had not been in many years and I’d never been in Brazil.  It was a short visit due to personal and professional commitments but it was totally worth it.

The conference was very well attended; below is a picture of the keynote – in this one the presenter is Kim King; up in the front row are Colleen Smith, Jerry Rulli and Matt Gharegozlou. The pict two below is of Jerry presenting.



I gave two presentations, one on the Market Trends in IT (mostly emphasizing the tech trends), and another on The Impact of IOT.   Nice attendance; the room for the first one was full, the second was about 2/3rds.

Plenty of contacts and good conversations.  I was sad I could not stay longer; I had to high-tail out in another red eye to go to Boston the day after.


Summer 2015 IOT Projects

June 12, 2015

The summer interns are all here in Palo Alto.  From left to right in the picture after me are Jasper, Antony and Shivali.  They will be writing posts and creating open source samples.   I will use this post to collect links to their work TeamPhoto From Jasper:

From Antony:

From Shivali:

The (old, 2010) GlassFIsh GeoMap

March 6, 2015

It seems the old geomap server at maps.glassfish.org is no longer working, so below is a snapshot from March 2010:


We used to regularly provide updates on this via the geomap tag.

Recall that the dots represent IP addresses from the GlassFish admin console.  The usual caveats apply, most notably that a single installation can be shown using multiple IP locations because of DHCP, that many installations can show as a single IP location because they are behind proxies and that not every user of GlassFish had this feature turned on.


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