(NOT) Introducting Project WombatFish…

640px-Vombatus_ursinus_-Maria_Island_National_Park Short: there is no project named WombatFish; help us choose a good name…

Long: We have started to work on our next two releases of Project GlassFish (more details later). The first one is called Project GlassFish (duh!), but the second needs a name and during a couple of presentations yesterday I used WombatFish in the slides, butonly as a placeholder name. So, no WombatFish 🙂

But we do need your help in choosing the name, so, start thinking… The guidelines are simple: the name should not conflict with existing projects, and we want a sea creature to build on the recognition for GlassFish. Send us names to theaquarium@sun.com or post them as comments here. When we have a good set of names we will ask the community at large to vote.

And, you ask, why WombatFish? Well, Wombats are interesting animals but they also have some history as jargon, particularly this and this. Locally, we have used Wombat in the past in several projects, from as way back as JavaBeans and JSP and many other places.

(Originally posted on May 17, 2006)


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