Happy 5th BDay, GlassFish

We launched GlassFish 5 years ago, around JavaOne 2005.  5 years is worth a celebration… but, since JavaOne this year is in September, a virtual event – a blog – seems appropriate.

The month was June 2005; for the exact date we could go with either June 6th, the 8th, or the 27th, because we “kind-of” released GlassFish twice; once before JavaOne (June 8th), and then again, during JavaOne (June 27th)! What happened is that the “first release” used the JRL (Wikipedia, Java.Net) license; in Dec 2004 we had released JAXB and JAX-RPC using JRL and JDL (announcement, explanation) and we were considering using those licenses for GlassFish, but those licenses are not OSI-approved and the response was not very positive, so… during JavaOne we announced we would release GlassFish using a true OSI license: CDDL (Sun page, Wikipedia). Why the 6th and not the 8th?  The 6th is when Marc Fleury pre-announced the June 8th release, so I chose the earliest date of the 3.

So that’s the date.  On the folks involved… well, one of the main reasons why GlassFish has been successful is because it has been such an inclusive project. A list of everybody would be, literally, hundreds of people (see the poster project); but folks that worked on the launch included Jeet Kaul, Abhijit Kumar, Vivek Nagar, Jim Driscoll, Jean-Francois Arcand, Dinesh Patil, Qingqing Ouyang, Bonnie Kellet, Inderjeet Singh, Larry Freeman, Greg Murray, Carla Mott, Amy Roh, and many, many more.  Higher up the chain were Jonathan Schwartz, Joe Keller and James Gosling – without whose support the GlassFish launch would have been much harder.

The last 5 years have been quite a ride for Sparky; and I think the next 5 will be too: we just released GlassFish 3.1 M1 and are about to release GlassFish 3.0.1.  Onward!

I found a few old links from the launch, plus a bunch of nice photos from JavaOne 2005; check them out below – specially the t-shirt that James is wearing for his life-long award ceremony. I also intended to do a timeline of key GlassFish-related events in the last 5 years, using the FrontPage tag, but it quickly became too large; I will try to do that as a separate, future, post



One thought on “Happy 5th BDay, GlassFish

  1. Happy Birthday GlassFish

    A big thank you to all the developers and the community 🙂

    May the Enterprise be with us all!

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