What’s Next After the JCP Vote?

The JCP has posted the results of the inception vote on the JSR Quartet.  The vote was roughly as expected:

  • Coin and Lambda passed with 13 YES, 1 NO and 1 ABSTAIN.  The NO is ASF, the ABSTAIN is Tim Peierls
  • Java SE 7 and Java SE 8 passed with 12 YES, and 2 NO.  The NOs are ASF and Tim Peierls

The voting logs (Coin, Lambda, Java SE 7, Java SE 8) include dates and comments. From the log, we can see that Google voted NO early on, but ASF waited for a bit; perhaps to reduce pressure on the other EC members?  We can also see that Tim changed his vote, from ABSTAIN to NO, fairly late in the process.  Several EC members voted YES but expressed different levels of disatisfaction with the FoU restriction on JavaSE in the comments.

After the vote, Tim resigned from the EC, in a move resembling that of Doug Lea.

The next act in this story will be ASF resigning from the EC, and, I assume, from the JCP.   Then we get to the next real question: what does that mean for all the Apache projects that depend on TCKs today?

If the ASF is not a JCP member, then it can’t ask for access to the TCK.  So, even if the ASF decided that each such project can decide on its future on its own, the status quo, where project members are running the TCKs they got from ASF (for free) will change.  This will be interesting to follow.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next After the JCP Vote?

  1. And here is the text of mail sent by Doug Cutting (chairman of ASF) to committers at Apache.org. I can’t find a public archive of this, but several ASF members have indicated it’s OK to share it, and a copy is available at http://java.dzone.com/news/apache-backs-its-threat-leaves-0

    — from Doug Cutting —

    This action has little impact on existing ASF projects. The board reiterates its commitment to all Apache projects that implement Java specifications. There is nothing being considered that would require any Apache project to stop what it is doing based on the JCP crisis. Projects that currently license TCKs will continue to do so. If maintenance leads for JSRs propose to change the terms of license for existing TCKs then Apache will vigorously lobby against these changes. New projects will continue to be considered on their merits and on the appropriateness of the proposed licenses.

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