A Year After: The People

It’s been (almost) a year since Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun.  Some of the ex-Sun folks stayed at Oracle but others moved to other companies, small and large, public, private or still in stealth mode.  This Diaspora will contribute talent, expertise and experience to many companies, and, I hope, also some of the  culture at Sun that I’ve enjoyed for so many years.

Below is a list of companies where some of my ex-Sun friends have gone. I’ve listed explicitly the people that left Sun/Oracle after January 2010, but I’ve also included a few other ex-Sun folks that are in the company – as you can see, Sunnites like to work together

Added – Also see A Year After: The Open Source Projects.

Note This list is somewhat random and biased because of my personal contacts at Sun but post corrections and additions as comments to this entry and I’ll continue to update it as time permits



Other ex-Sunnites include Matt Stevens






Bank Of America

Ex-Sunites include Roderico Cruz

CA Technologies

Ex-Sunites include recent moves by Roman Strobl, James Branam, Karel Nenicka. Also Jim Engquist, Michael Walker

Carpathia Hosting

Ex-Sun folks include Peter Weber, Bill Ranney, Jon Greaves, Philip Hedlund, Brian Winter, Brent Bensten, Kasey Bradshaw, Paul Roberts and Tim Kennedy.



Other ex-Sunnites include Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart as a technical advisor.


Other ex-Sunnited include Doug Willoughby.




Data Differential


Other ex-Sunites include Ken Drachnik, Laurie Tolson, Uday Subbrarayan



Other ex-Sunites include Josep Ferrandiz, Ramesh Mandava,


Other ex-Sunites include Tim Cramer and Maarten Mickos


Ex-Suites include Nick Sieger, Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo.  They all left Sun before CiC but after the announcement of acquisition… And, FWIW, Michael Piech just moved there.


Forrester Research

Ex-Sunnites include Eve Maler – LinkedIn


ForgeRock has many ex-Sunites including Stein Myrseth, Victor Ake, Anders Askåsen and Allan Foster. Post anniversary changes include:




Google is chock full of ex-Sunites, from Eric Schmidt down.  Some recent moves there include Ken Russell, Chet Haase

Guidewire Software

Other ex-Sunnites include Phil Goodwin, Peter Williams,



Other ex-Sunites include: Mark Hapner, Linda Schneider, Jim Hughes and John Plocher. Geoff Arnold is now at Yahoo and Pat Patterson is now at SourceForge.


Julianne provides this list of ex-Sunites: Julianne Raedeke, Gerry Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Hadden, Marcos Peixoto, Sean Cochrane, Tim Thomas



Other ex-Sunnites include Jason Shao and Dave Johnson






Other ex-Sunnites include Mark Basler, Tayloe Stansbury, Vijay Anand, Vinay Pai, Deepa Singh, Bill Keenan


Juniper Networks

  • Jeet Kaul
  • Hal Stern – LinkedIn
  • Dale Ferrario – LinkedIn
  • Valerie Alabanza-Cary – LinkedIn
  • Ray Cannon – LinkedIn

Other ex-Sunites include Mark Bauhaus, Connie Weiss, Mike Harding.

Jive Software

Other ex-Sunites include James Todd and Mike Cumings


Kerio Technologies

Ex-Sunnites include Pavel Suk.

Kii, Inc

Other ex-Sunites include Miko Matsumura

KIT Digital


Other ex-Sunites include Paul Hinz


Other ex-Sunites include Jacob Kessler


Other ex-Sunites include Michael (Monty) Widenius, Colin Charles



Micro Focus

Ex-Sunnites include Brit Hickman (LInkeIn)


  • Matt Thompson – comment, LinkedIn
  • Jean Elliott – LinkedIn
  • Sanjay Sharma – LinkedIn
  • Jennifer Umstattd – LinkedIn
  • Doris Chen –LinkedIn
  • Cliff Allen – LinkedIn
  • Gary Dahlby – LinkedIn
  • Neeta Saran – LinkedIn
  • Marc Walters – LinkedIn


Ex-Sunites include Prakash Narayan




  • Raghavan “Rags” Srinivas – Linkedin




Other ex-Sunites include Ricardo Labiaga

Net, Power and Light

Ex-Sunites incude Rob Gingell



Other ex-Sunites include Rich Green and David Rivas




  • Rasta (Rastilav) Kanocz
  • Gabor Puhalla


Quanta Research Institute

Other ex-Sunites include Steve Heller – LinkedIn



Other ex-Sunites include Rich Sharples, Keith Babo, Prakash Aradhya, Shelly McGowan,


Other ex-Sunites include Alan Brenner, Nedim Fresko, Curtis Sasaki, Mimi Hills, Rob Mori, Peter Dever, Andreas Hoffman, Stanley Ho, Tom Goguen, Martin Brehovsky


Other ex-Sunites include Chuck Mortimore, Kavindra Patel


Other ex-Sunites include Shel Finkelstein, Larry Cable,

SAS Institute

Search Optics

  • Jim Parkinson – CTO


Ex-Sunites include Patrik Backman, David Axmark, Kath O’Neil, Sean Pringle, all from the MySQL AB acquisition.



Sony Ericsson

Ex-Sunites include Peter Kacandes


Sunrise Technologies


Ex-Sunites include Marina Sum and Stephanie Bodoff

Time Warner Cable




Ex-Sunites include: Rich McDougall

Walt Disney Co

Whamcloud, LLC

The TheRegister and HPCwire say that Byron Neitzel, Peter Jones and Andreas Dilger “have recently joined”.

WonderBuilders, LLC



Other ex-Sunites include Geoff Arnold, Mary Smaragdis, Tony Ng, Paul Ko, Sanjay Radia, Mike Bellissimo, Brandon Carson


Startups in Stealth Mode, Independent Developers and Undeclared

Other Transitions

180s (in honor of  Duncan)

174 Responses to “A Year After: The People”

  1. Outward Looking Says:

    Bill Pijewski (former Fishworks) went to Joyent about the same time as Dave Pacheco.

    Matt Ahrens & George Wilson (former ZFS guys) also went to Delphix.

  2. Rich Brueckner Says:

    Some other landings of note include:

    Marc Hamilton – HP
    Peter Bojanic – Xyratex
    Rich Brueckner – insideHPC
    Andy Bechtolsheim – Arista Networks

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks for the pointers, Rich.
      I’ll add Marc & you. Can you ask Peter for his OK on listing him here?
      Andy left Sun in late 2008 – and I don’t have any friends that joined there, so I think I’ll skip Arista – I have to place the boundary somewhere.

  3. abeter Says:

    Ken Russell – Former maintainer of the JOGL project and person responsible for writing the java applet plugin2, now at Google working on WebGL.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent list. I see a lot of names I respect up there.

    We’re not as cool as the others, but Trond Norbye (Tor’s brother) and I joined NorthScale, now renamed Membase, as a startup.

    Also, Shanti Subramanyam from PAE is now part of the Yahoo! performance team. Neel Nadgir had also left that team for SalesForce I think.

    • pelegri Says:

      My bad; I meant to add you and then forgot. I’ll add you in the update. And you guys are as cool as any of the others!!:)

  5. pelegri Says:

    Reminder to self: Add Bob Porras, at NetApp

  6. pelegri Says:

    Note to self (via DeirdreS):
    Joyent: JohnS, Max Bruning, Shannon Fiume, Bill Pijewski, Robert Mustacchi
    Nexenta: Richard Elling
    StartUps: Bill Moore

  7. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Jacob Kessler (pre-CiC) moved to LinkedIn

  8. Rajesh Ramchandani Says:

    I am with CumuLogic.com, a PaaS enabling startup. Good luck with your new role at RIM

  9. Teresa Swart Says:

    Hi! This is a great list and it’s really great to see where everyone ended up. These are some lucky companies. Hope to run into all of you again sometime.

  10. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Robin Schumaker at EnterpriseDB

  11. William Antônio Siqueira Says:

    Rakesh Menon to Cisco http://rakeshmenonp.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/javafx-my-wish-list/

    Josh Marinacci to Palm http://www.java.net/blogs/joshy/

  12. pelegri Says:

    Note to Self:
    In a “Side Move” section, Christian Kennerknecht’s Pretzel Business:)
    And need to check with a couple more.

  13. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add NicolasPujol.com.
    Add Eucalyptus with Tim Cramer and Maarten Mickos as “other ex-Sunites”

  14. Matt Thompson Says:

    Feeling a little left out here…

    Matt Thompson – Microsoft
    Jean Elliott – Microsoft
    Sanjay Sharma – Microsoft
    Jennifer Umstadt – Microsoft
    Doris Chen – Microsoft

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks for the list, Matt. I’ll update the post with MS inthe next version.
      In my defense, I had started the list with just those folks that had left after CiC, and neither you nor Jean fit that, and I didn’t know about the rest:)

      • Jennifer Umstattd Says:

        And after all these years Matt can’t spell my last name:)

      • pelegri Says:

        Sorry for not catching it, Jenniffer! I had tried to find you on LinkedIn but couldn’t… now I know why. I fixed the spelling and added the link.

      • Jennifer Umstattd Says:

        No worries! I will have to give Matt some grief though:)

  15. James Khoo Says:


    James Khoo here from Malaysia, ex Sun Employee, attached to Sun Java Centers as Java Architect, has help many Sun’s partner and customer on rolling out large scale Java EE application.

    I just started my own company, http://secq.me, a new mobile tracking service that aim helping reduce crime rate against woman and children. Sorry for a bit introduction of our company here.

  16. Tim Boudreau Says:

    Also at Kii, Inc.

  17. will snow Says:

    Eduardo, here are a few others:
    will snow, linda skrocki, liz ditucci, joe mocker, matthew montgomery (web engineering group) to Accenture – some of us pre-CIC, some after😉

    Curtis Sasaki, Andreas Hoffmann RIM

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks, Will. Nice group of people a Accenture. I’ll add a section in the next revision, later in the week.
      I already had Curtis and Andreas in the RIM section.

  18. dvh Says:

    nobody went to ibm ??

    • pelegri Says:

      I don’t recall anybody going there recently. Dave Johnson joined there in early 2009, but that was because of a RIF due to financial stress, and it was before the IBM or the Oracle acquisition rumors/announcements.

  19. Geoffrey Wiseman Says:

    Alex Ruiz just went to Oracle:

  20. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Sunay Tripathi at startup in stealth mode

  21. El Reg Says:


    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks for the lead. I was never very close to the Lustre guys but I’ll include a reference to this somewhere in the updated version.

  22. Martin Englund Says:

    Martin Englund – VMware

  23. pelegri Says:

    Note to Self:
    * Bob Brewin – Stealth Startup

  24. Kevin Le Says:

    Just saw this today, another Sun/Oracle –> Google:


  25. Pedro Newsletter 05.01.2011 « Pragmatic Programmer Issues – pietrowski.info Says:

    […] Ex-Sun-ers list: it is interesting how we have lost our privacy . […]

    • pelegri Says:

      I don’t see it as a privacy issue. All these folks have either blogged about their departure AND/OR posted about it in public mailing lists AND/OR advertised it in their public LinkedIn profile AND/OR commented here AND/OR told me to please advertise it here.
      I’d describe this more as an example of crowd-sourcing to compile a shared document.

      FWIW, I know of additional names that I have not listed because I either know they do not want to share the info or because I am not sure if they do.

  26. Amanda Waite Says:

    I’m also at Google now, although the only way you’d know that is through my LinkedIn profile. Thanks for taking the time to put the list together.


  27. Dave Hofert Says:

    Hey Eduardo – I also decamped to Nokia on 6/1. Thanks for the list – and, BTW, agree on the privacy point. Just look up anyone of interest on LinkedIn and you’ll see where they are now. Cheers & good luck!


    • pelegri Says:

      Hi Dave! Will you be in Barcelona next month? Perhaps enough of us will be there to arrange a get-together:)

  28. Pat Patterson Says:

    Hi Eduardo – nice to see a mention from you, even though I didn’t hang around for CiC:-)

    One correction – Geoff Arnold moved on from Huawei to Yahoo a few weeks before I moved to salesforce.com.

    Plenty of other ex-Sun folks at SFDC, but I’m not sure you’d know that many. Here’s a few off the top of my head… Chuck Mortimore (left Sun years ago, but top bloke), Brad Wheat (CiC), Matt Wolf (shortly before CiC), Kavindra Patel (left Sun years ago, but you might have known him).

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks for the update on Geoff.
      I will add Brad as a “bullet” (CiC) and the rest in the “Other ex-Sunites include” paragraph.

  29. Craig McClanahan Says:

    Don’t forget “the JRuby guys” (Charles Nutter, Tom Enebo, Nick Sieger) at EngineYard.

    • pelegri Says:

      In retrospective, I should have looked at people’s moves after the Oracle/Sun deal was announced in April 2009. People like Nick, Charlie and Tom left after that but I didn’t list initially because they didn’t move before CiC.
      I’ll add a section on EngineYard and will list them there.

  30. carol mcdonald Says:

    Carol McDonald – Availity

  31. Meredithe Mainquist Says:

    Meredithe Mainquist GridIron Systems Sunnyvale CA
    Marcos Piexoto HP
    Frank Varella – Dell
    Jason Appelbaum – Dell
    AJ Kreshok – HP
    Ellen Steiner – Energy Market Innovations
    Tim Jolly – Seagate
    Cathy Bilafer – Kronos
    Dan Butzer – Acadia Enterprises
    Russ Smariga – Deloitte
    Tom Broussard – IBM
    Linda Hummel – VMware
    Chuck Otts – Cisco
    Herb Hinstorff – Intel
    AJ Hart – HP
    Joe Freeill – Compuware

    • pelegri Says:

      Hi Meredithe. Can I assume you know all these folks don’t mind me posting the info in the main summary page? I don’t have direct relationships with any of them, but I’m happy to list them in the “Other ex-Sun folks include” sections for each company after some quick checks at LinkedIn. Over the weekend…

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  33. Julianne Raedeke Says:

    I know of many other ex-Sunnies who’ve joined HP in the last year; all of the below list HP as their current employer on their linked in profiles, so I feel comfortable sharing:

    Julianne Raedeke – http://www.linkedin.com/in/julianneraedeke
    Gerry Fitzpatrick – http://www.linkedin.com/in/gerryfitzpatrick
    Jennifer Hadden – http://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferleighhadden
    Marcos Peixoto – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/marcos-peixoto/1/961/701
    Sean Cochrane – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sean-cochrane/0/241/b45
    Tim Thomas – http://uk.linkedin.com/in/timthomas1961

  34. Onno Says:

    Great list!
    In someways the collective of twitter entries and blog postings by ex-Sunnites after CiC seemed like group therapy.

    I know of one ex-Sun who went the other way and joined Oracle: Charles Ditzel.

    On VMWare, many of the ex-Jini folk are there: Jim Waldo, Peter Jones. And also Matt Marquis and Jonathan Nimer.

    Jason Shao went to IBM.

    Sudhu Pant – Nokia

    Stanley Ho is also at RIM.

  35. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Corina Ulescu and Stephen Dever – at RIM

  36. Former Sun employees who have moved on from Oracle - Eye on Oracle Says:

    […] Sun engineer Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart has put together a large list of Sun employees who have left Oracle for other companies. It includes more than 100 people who have moved onto companies like VMware, Accenture, and […]

  37. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Martin Brehovsky at RIM

  38. mark white Says:

    You omitted me – now at SAS Institute.

  39. Nigel Simpson Says:

    I landed at Disney with Ted Leung. Thanks for putting this list together. It’s great to see so many talented Sun people in new homes.

  40. Matt Says:

    VMware has a lowercase ‘w’ and a lot more ex-Sun people from before 2010.

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks, Matt. Mostly I’m creating the list based from my circle of friends, either because I remember where they went or because I find them in LinkedIn. I’m not 100% consistent, but I try to give “bullets” to friends that left Sun before CiC, and list under “Other ex-Sunites” all friends and/or folks that left not “too long” ago.

      But I’m including also anybody that is mentioned in a comment, so very happy to include any ex-Sun folks that are at VMware, just list them in a comment.

  41. Kedar Mhaswade Says:

    Jan Luehe: Yahoo! Inc.
    Kedar Mhaswade: Self
    Russ Tremain: Interactive Interfaces, Emeryville

  42. Mike Wright Says:

    Hi Eduardo – Thanks for helping keeping former Sun people connected. FYI, I’m now at Guidewire Software in San Mateo (with many others from Sun).

  43. Frederic jean Says:

    I’m currently working in the online video team at Time Warner Cable. My team is responsible for most of the TWC stuff being demo’ed at CES. I was working on xVM and Project Kenai while at Sun.


  44. Frederic jean Says:

    I forgot to mention Eric Wendelin who is also at TWC.

  45. James Todd Says:

    nice list eduardo!

  46. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Check who else is at CumuLogic.

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  49. Solaris Engineer Says:


    Susan Landau (from Sun Labs – cryptography, security): http://www.radcliffe.edu/fellowships/fellows_2011slandau.aspx

    Kais Belgaied (Solaris networking/Crossbow),
    John Plocher (OpenSolaris, Sun ARC)

    Whit Diffie (from Sun Labs – public key encryption): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitfield_Diffie

    Radia Perlman (from Sun Labs – networking): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radia_Perlman

    PostgreSQL Experts, Inc:
    Josh Berkus

    Another ex-sunite from well before the Oracle acquistion, Rich McDougall, co-author of Solaris Internals: http://blog.richardmcdougall.com/

  50. Prakash Narayan Says:

    Here are updates some of the people that I am connected to (all this information is public):

    Todd Fast, Ryan Kennedy – Conga (http://www.linkedin.com/in/toddfast and http://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanekennedy)
    Chris Webster – NASA (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-webster/0/181/a4b)
    Raghavan “Rags” Srinivas – Navteq (http://www.linkedin.com/in/ragss)
    Uday Subbarayan – Dell (http://www.linkedin.com/in/udays)
    Marina Sum – Tibco (http://www.linkedin.com/in/marinasum)
    Roderico Cruz – Bank of America (http://www.linkedin.com/in/rodericocruz)
    Prakash Narayan – Micello (http://www.linkedin.com/in/prakashnarayan)

  51. Colin Charles Says:

    You missed out the lot of us that went to Monty Program Ab to hack on MariaDB.

    There’s me, Monty (I know he left before that January 2010 date) and more. Company is made up of

    SkySQL also has a lot more: Kath O’Neil, Sean Pringle, and more

    That’s just me focusing on the MySQL diaspora!


    • pelegri Says:

      Hi Colin. Will be happy to include a section on MariaDB. I didn’t include it initially because I couldn’t think of anybody that had left after CiC, but I didn’t think very hard and I’m now including sections even in cases for folks that left after Announcement but before CiC.
      I think your comment was truncated, can you check if that is the case and, if so, post a follow-up with the extra names?
      I’ll also update the SkySQL names, no later than next weekend.

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  53. Bonnie Kellett Says:

    Thanks Eduardo; miss ya.

  54. Paul Fussell Says:

    There are a couple more of us former Sun people now at Guidewire Software:
    Paul Fussell, Sr. Technical Writer
    Kevin McDonnell, Sr. Software Engineer
    Kevin’s LinkedIn profile is at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=5654284


  55. Aaron Houston Says:

    Adobe Systems:
    Aaron Houston — Adobe Community Mgr No. Amer. Flash/Flex/AIR Creative Suite UGs (formerly Java User Group Program Coord + helped OpenSolaris UserGrps)
    Janice Campbell — Adobe Flex SDK +translation projects (formerly NetBeans Translation Projects)

  56. Cliff Allen Says:

    Sun Legal Diaspora:

    Microsoft – Cliff Allen, Gary Dahlby, Neeta Saran and Marc Walters

    Juniper Networks: Valerie Alabanza-Cary and Ray Cannon

    HP: Eileen Schefsky

    VMware: Leif Frykman, Matt Marquis, Phillip Eck and Jonathan Nimer

    NetApp – Orlena Fong Shek and Scott Vonderohe

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks, Cliff. Good to know so many of you have landed in good places. I’ll update the post with the information sometime this week.

  57. Brandon Carson Says:

    More Sun -> Yahoos:

    Kelly Palmer
    Brandon Carson
    Brynna Donn

  58. Masayuki Imai Says:

    Thank you for your comment to my blog entry.(http://blogs.sun.com/maimai/entry/leave_from_oracle_but_sun#comments)
    My new location is Mirapoint Japan K.K. (Japan Office of Mirapoint Software, inc.).
    My LinkedIn profile is here http://jp.linkedin.com/pub/masayuki-imai/13/96/40b .

  59. Peter Williams Says:

    Great idea. Can add me as well? I’m at Guidewire Software adn my linkedin profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-williams/0/98/ba0

  60. Milos Kleint Says:

    former sun/netbeans -> sonatype

  61. Ross Altman Says:

    Eduardo, great list.
    I went back to Gartner.

  62. Jill Welch Says:

    Eduardo: This is neat. FYI: I am Cisco and have been since last spring. Best to you.

  63. James Branam Says:

    Great blog! Please add the following:

    James Branam – CA Technologies (formerly CA)
    Ruth Kusterer – CA Technologies (formerly CA)
    Karel Nenicka – CA Technologies (formerly CA)
    Robert Novak – CA Technologies (formerly CA)
    David Simonek – CA Technologies (formerly CA)
    Josef Pavlicek – IBM
    Brad Schmidt – KIT Digital
    Ivan Vlasyuk – KIT Digital



  64. Courtney Ferry Says:

    This is a fantastic list – thanks for putting in the effort.

    I’m at Carpathia Hosting as an Implementation Manager. I came over just post-CIC, and Kevin Spalding and Bob Austin have joined recently on our Tech-Ops team. We also have a large contingent of ex-Sun folks that came over before the acquisition – including our CEO, Peter Weber. Others are Bill Ranney, Jon Greaves, Brent Bensten, Kasey Bradshaw, Paul Roberts and Tim Kennedy.

    Thanks again,

    Courtney Ferry

  65. Paul Hinz Says:

    Great post. Now if everyone on this list would just buy a copy of Liferay, well I’d be happy.

    Also, Satish Hemachandran when to Sungard – http://www.linkedin.com/in/satishh

  66. Eve Maler Says:

    Hi Eduardo! Great idea to do this. FYI, I went to PayPal (where Aravindan Ranganathan is now) back in 2009, but as of just today, I joined Forrester Research as an analyst focusing on IAM for security and risk professionals.

  67. Paul Hinz Says:

    oh – and Manish Gupta (ex Sunite) also moved to Liferay to become our GM for India.


  68. Rich Sharples Says:

    Nice list Eduardo, ex-Sunnies are getting like ex-IBMers – they’re everywhere ! Heres a few more

    ex Sunnies at Red Hat :

    Prakash Aradhya
    Shelly McGowan
    Kim Wilson Buck

    Also, Enterprise DB

    Karen Tegan Padir
    Tom Kincaid

    and I believe Ken MacKenzie went to Amazon

  69. Brit Hickman Says:

    Hey Eduardo – I went to Micro Focus pre CiC.

  70. Michalis Siochos Says:

    Great work Eduardo!

    Could you please add the following ex-sunnies now at Sunrise Technologies (Greek startup)?

    Kostas Stamatakis (http://gr.linkedin.com/in/kostasstamatakis)
    Michalis Siochos (http://gr.linkedin.com/pub/michalis-siochos/2/a90/47a)


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  73. Pavel Suk Says:

    Excellent idea! Good luck at RIM and send regards to Czech guys there.
    I moved to Kerio Technologies (before CIC).
    Pavel Suk

    • pelegri Says:

      Thanks, pavel. I’ll add you to the directory.
      I’ll pass the HI along. They surround my desk (all newbies here in RWC) so I get to hear a lot of Czech nowadays:)

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  75. Lukas Says:

    Hi Eduardo, there are a few more ex-Sunnies in Avast – Petr Chytil, Michal Vanek, Jan Prach.

  76. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Dave Douglas http://nearwalden.com/blog/2011/01/my-new-gigs/

  77. pelegri Says:

    Note to self – add these:

    Ari Shamash — Google
    Amy Oconnor — Nokia
    Joe Ferrill — Compuware
    Jim Langston — Compuware
    Doug Willoughby — Compuware ( pre CIC)

  78. Dan McDonald Says:

    Follow my twitter (kebesays) feed for where I’m going, just like I suggested in my blog entry.

  79. Bill Sommerfeld Says:

    My last day working on Solaris at Oracle was November 5th. I started at Google on December 6th.

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  81. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Add Matthew Swift at ForgeRock (webmink)

  82. Manish Gupta Says:

    Hi Eduardo,

    I left Sun in Jan’10 and joined Liferay.


  83. pelegri Says:

    Note to self:
    Nico Williams is now independent contractor

  84. Amy Pearl Says:

    Hi Eduardo – I worked in R&D at Sun for almost 15 years and besides you, I hardly recognize any of these names! I’m mostly in touch with folks from Software Products Division, Sunlabs, Sunsoft, NSE and Javasoft. There are definitely clusters, all over the valley and elsewhere. My last corporate job was as Director of PalmOS at Palm – great engineering, but they broke my spirit for the industry with bad executive decisions. In my experience, acquisitions are hard and often done for bad reasons. If they aren’t done in order to remove the competition from the market, integrating and/or utilizing the acquisition effectively takes skilled management, a scarce commodity in this industry (see the thread about good/bad acquisitions at Sun). After a period of working on open source election systems and some years of retirement, I switched fields completely – still a quant, but no corporations for me!

  85. Russ Smariga Says:

    Thanks for putting this list together! Great to see folks moving on to such a good list of organizations.

    As Meredith Mainquist rightfully noted (on Jan 5), I am now with Deloitte, and you can list me as being there. Other ex-Sunnites at Deloitte include:
    Mike Habeck
    Scott Radeztsky
    Bob Sokol
    Seth Siegel

    One other interesting ex-Sunnite move was recently made by Kristin Russell as she left Oracle to become the new CIO for the state of Colorado. [See: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/OIT-Main/CBON/1251588766488 ]

    • Russ Smariga Says:

      And now (actually about a year ago, I think) Kristin Russell is with Deloitte Consulting! 8^)

  86. Leroy Kelley Says:

    Leroy Kelley left Oracle in Feb 2010 and joined Agiliance.

  87. Bill Petro Says:

    After 11 years at Sun, I’m now at Cisco, where I see Lew Tucker and Tony West.

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billpetro
    Blog: billpetro.com

  88. Larry Cable Says:

    Hey Eduardo,
    We also have Dan Ingalls Jr (SunLabs) and Gilad Bracha here now, as well as Richard Probst from way back …

    best regards

    – Larry

    • pelegri Says:

      Didn’t know that Dan and Gilad had moved to SAP labs. Congrats to SAP.

      Say hi to Richard. I know him from way back at UC Berkeley.

      – eduard/o

  89. Larry Cable Says:

    forgot some more ex-sunnites:

    Umit Yalcinalp – Adobe
    Yousef khalidi – Microsoft

  90. Bill Sommerfeld Says:

    And, all over the news: James Gosling is starting at Google today.

  91. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    Eduardo, I’m now at NextGate.

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ktschmidt

  92. Frederic Jean Says:

    I am no longer at Time Warner Cable. I am now working through Dojo4 (http://dojo4.com) with SnuggHome (http://www.snugghome.com).

  93. Arun Singh Says:

    Cheers for Maintainer of List and Employees log.

  94. Greg Baxter Says:

    Wow – I’m really glad someone is following all of this. Good job, Pelegri!

    As of Dec 2009, Greg Baxter is @ IBM (ITSA Architecture)

    Regards –

  95. Jeff Bickart Says:

    Jeff Bickart is now at NEPO Systems an Open Source solutions provider specializing in SugarCRM

  96. pelegri Says:

    Roberto Chinnici (robc2) is now at Google.

  97. pelegri Says:

    Louis Suárez-Potts left Oracle in Feb 2011 – http://ooo-speak.blogspot.com/2011/02/updates.html

  98. Andreas Schneble Says:

    Great effort.
    I left Oracle in Dec and am now at Kaspersky Lab leading Digital Marketing for North America and Europe

  99. Mike Mazzaroni Says:

    Spent 10 years at Sun – sure do miss it — am with Dell now – surprised by the culture (in a very positive manner)…other ex-Sun folks I know of public knowledge via Linkedin or Facebook…

    Geoff Davis – HP
    Jonathan Green – HP
    Pam Nicastro – Netapp
    Jim Aluotto – Vmware
    Jesse Singh – HP
    Steve Furtado – Vmware

  100. Umit Yalcinalp Says:


    Larry got my whereabouts right.

    I am at Adobe. So are Hans Muller, Bill Maddox and Vincent Hardy.

    I believe Tim Lindholm is still at Google.

    Georges Saab is at Oracle.


  101. Schrock's Blog » Beyond Oracle Says:

    […] It’s been a little over six months since I left Oracle to join Delphix.  I’m not here to dwell on the reasons for my departure, as I think the results speak for themselves. […]

  102. Beyond Oracle « Eric Says:

    […] Beyond Oracle Posted on June 3, 2011It's been a little over six months since I left Oracle to join Delphix.  I'm not here to dwell on the reasons for my departure, as I think the results speak for themselves. […]

  103. Bhavesh Gosar Says:

    Just an FYI – There is a sun_alumni Yahoo group which consists of a database of more than 3K ex-sun employees and many more subscribed to it.


  104. ludovic Champenois Says:

    Ludo @Google now…So happy…many Sun old friends there. Surrounded with extreme geeks. Getting younger!

  105. Sébastien Stormacq Says:

    Hello Eduardo,

    I am at IBM now, discovering a new culture and a promising new job !

    Follow me at @sebsto

    Cheers !

  106. pelegri Says:

    Justin Lee leaving – http://antwerkz.com/so-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-glassfish/

  107. John J. McLaughlin Says:

    Add me under Nexenta.

  108. George Drapeau Says:

    Dude, are you still taking updates? If so, put me under the Red Hat category, please.

    (LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgedrapeau )

    Happy New Year, everybody!

    • pelegri Says:

      Accepting comments but I have not done an update in a bit. Maybe I should do a 2-year retrospective.

      On congrats w/ the move to Red Hat! Do stay in touch!

  109. Cheap Oakley Says:

    Cheap Oakley…

    […]A Year After: The People « Castellers v2[…]…

  110. Ray Butler Says:

    Don’t forget Amazon. Gordon McGowan and Greg Hjelmstad are there. Lots of ex-Sun employees.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    At EMC World 2014 EMC bought DSSD and it was revealed that the founders of DSSD were Sun alumni Andy Bechtolsheim, Jeff Bonwick, Mike Shapiro, Bill Moore, Stephen Hahn. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYkAhFkznPo 53:04.

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