Jenkins – Hudson is now Officially Independent

The results of the Jenkins/Hudson vote are in and they are a landslide (raw data):

Elsewhere in the internet, the feedback has also been heavily pro-rename:

This settles the situation.  Oracle still calls it a fork, but, given the vote results, the situation here is closer to the typical rename (like Mozilla Firefox) than to the typical fork. In any case, Jenkins is the new name and the new site is

This move restores the independence that Hudson had under Sun, except that this is now a de jure situation, not a de-facto one, with extra provisions, like the Governance Board and the copyright that will be assigned to an external entity.

Next steps are described by Andrew in this post.  All companies and individuals involved in Hudson are welcome to the new community. Oracle has been offered a seat in the initial Governance Board but we don’t yet know if the offer will be accepted.

Added – Oracle declined the offer but Dean Yu from Yahoo! accepted it (update from Andrew).

7 thoughts on “Jenkins – Hudson is now Officially Independent

    1. I wish Sonatype had been more active in the community before the split (from:Jason). The Jenkins mailing lists and repositories seem very healthy; the next couple of months will give us more clarity.

      Can’t comment on the PlayBook. I do think this will be an interesting year 🙂

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