Reactions to “Hudson to Eclipse”

The big news yesterday (May 4th) was a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation to move Hudson there.  The proposal came from Oracle, the Hudson trademark owners; supporters included TaskTop and Sonatype.

Below is a list of links to announcements, discussion threads, posts and press articles on the topic, without commentaries.


Posts by Supporters of the Proposal

Posts by Jenkins Folks

Posts by others

Reports by the Press
Sorted by approximate time. Times without a TZ are likely US PT.

My Footnotes

  1. The FAQ says: “Moving Hudson to Eclipse …. was proposed to the core Hudson community before the fork” – this is not correct.  The proposal was to move “to an Eclipse-like structure”, but the key issue of trademark ownership was not included.

3 thoughts on “Reactions to “Hudson to Eclipse”

  1. Great that you posted this balanced coverage of the news Eduardo.

    One thing I want to clarify is that it’s a stretch to put me in the “Hudson Folks” camp, as Tasktop’s role in ALM is a neutral one. We support what our customers use and we thrive on diversity. As summarized on my blog and follow-up comments, I am in the camp that sees Eclipse as the best path that has been proposed to date for the governing the various commercial and community interests around this technology.

  2. fixed. i used that title for expediency; probably should have been more thoughtful.
    i now list you under “Supporters of the Proposal”. Let me know if you see any other issues.

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