Jenkins, an SPI Associate Project

Jenkins is now an official “SPI Associate Project”.

SPI, Software in the Public Interest  (see wikipedia and website, but not is one of the main Open Source Foundations.  Like the Software Freedom Conservancy (wikipedia, website) the SPI is an umbrella organization that provides services to projects and organizations from the free software community.  Unlike the Apache Software Foundation, the projects in SPI (and SFC) retain high flexibility in how they run their projects, and, unlike the Eclipse Foundation, the SPI has no Strategic Members.

The framework for Associate Projects was last updated in 2004.  From the introduction to resolution 2004-08-10.iwj.1:

Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (‘SPI’) is an umbrella organization which provides legal and formal services, including the ability to manage legal property, to various projects and organizations (‘Associated Projects’, or simply Projects’) which form part of the wider community working on free software and related activites (the Community’).

SPI takes the view that the political and technical decision making for a Project is a matter for the people who participate in it. Accordingly, SPI does not normally control or manage Projects.

Some other facts about SPI:

SPI Associate Projects include well-known projects like (full list):

The Jenkins resolution is 2011-04-26.mzh.1 (minutes):

2011-04-26.mzh.1: Jenkins as associated project


1. Jenkins is a substantial and useful open source project.

2. The Jenkins developers would like SPI's support and assistance,
   including taking donations.


3. Jenkins is formally invited to become an SPI Associated Project,
   according to the SPI Framework for Associated Projects, SPI
   Resolution 1998-11-16.iwj.1-amended-2004-08-10.iwj.1, a copy of
   which can be found at

4. Kohsuke Kawaguchi is recognised by SPI as the current
   authoritative decision maker and SPI liaison for Jenkins. He is
   acting on behalf of the interim governance board. Successors will
   be appointed by the said governance board when need be.

5. This invitation will lapse, if not accepted, 60 days after it is
   approved by the SPI

Becoming an SPI Associate Project is just one, but very important, step in the process that formally startyed with the January Vote.  Next steps include transferring of trademark and formalization of the CLA contributions.

All Jenkins decisions are taken during the, always public, meetings held on IRC.  Minutes are available at in 2 versions (full and summary) and 2 formats (HTML and TXT).  Summaries are created automatically via meetbot; I recommend checking the summaries and then scanning the full logs.  For example, the summary from last meeting accurately recorded the trademark action but only the full minutes recorded the comment about the CLA.

Congrats to Jenkins and SPI, and a wish for the continued growth of the Jenkins community!


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