LAHacks – Bloodhound

Bloodhound Bloodhound was another of the teams that received an award from Progress at LAHacks this year.  The team was William Scot Grey (BS ’14)  and Pradeep Chaudhari (MSc ’14), both at Arizona State University. Bloodhound implements a communal method to reunite people with their lost loved ones.   Here is a description from Will:

“Bloodhound is an app that uses the Blootooth LE power of Qualcomm FYX tags to crowdsource and replace GPS technology. The user would register a loved one or pet to our server with details like height, eye color, distinguishing marks, etc. Then if the loved one goes missing the user would then make a report on the app. The app would then notify anyone who had downloaded the application to activate the app. The app then operates in the background on the phone and uses 0.06% of active memory causing virtually no lag in other operations. People wouldn’t even know it was working, until they came into Bluetooth distance of that particular tag. They would then receive an alert on their phone followed by a photo and stats of the missing. If they wanted they could then secure the person/pet/item and mark to the app that they had success. This information would be posted to their social media and our servers so that authorities could be contacted. The power of this application comes from the volume of users that will be available. Just proximity makes contact available, so no active searching is required.”

SmallEmperor is taking this hack to create an application later in the year; check the description.   The applications listed there include helping find people with dementia, lost pets, and stolen bicycles and you can easily imagine other applications. BloodhoundSplashScreen


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