LAHacks – Mixr



Mixr was one of the teams that received an award from Progress at LAHacks this year.  The team is all students attending Boston University in the College of Engineering.  Pictured above from left to right: Luke Sorenson (’16), John Moore (’15) and Timothy Chong (’16).

Mixr uses the Apple iBeacon protocol (also see wikipedia), which leverages Bluetooth Low Energy and a UUID to detect proximity between parties.  Mixr only involves iPhone devices, which here act as transmitters (see how) in addition to their usual role as receivers.

In the application, a set of iOS devices in close proximity can create a “group”, and can determine their location relative to each other.  Then the devices can interact with each other, including using gestures like “flicking” objects  in the direction of the destinatory.

Here is a video of Mixr in action:

Node.js is used to coordinate the setup, and PHP is used to parse the profiles of the participants to discover content and friends to invite into the conversation.  A most excellent hack.



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