LAHacks – Pindow


Pindow is the last of our 4 award winners at LAHacks.  Pindow is a Retail Shopping Application created by a team of students at Santa Clara University.  From left, the team includes Hongsen He (MSc ’14), A.J. Rodriguez, Daljeet Virdi (’14), and Guilherme Carvalho (MSc ’15).


From Daljeet:

We store all of our product’s information on Rollbase.  It was very easy integrating Rollbase REST API. Everytime a product is found, the app issues a GET request to our Rollbase backend to retrieve information about the price and the product’s information using a unique identifier that is on each Gimbal Beacons. We also used Rollbases’ impressive Security and Authentication platform to implement “Single Sign On”.

This hack is a great example of how to combine the value of Rollbase with the benefits of mobile and the Internet of Things.  Rollbase would also provide a collection of pages (or mobile apps in the next release) that can be used to interact directly with the Data Sources used by the app.  Congrats to the team!


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