LAHacks – Blicket



Blicket is another one of our quartet of winners from LAHacks.  The team is from UCSB; left to right above are Marcus Bernales (’15) and Brandon Shin (’14).

Blicket helps process will-call tickets. Rather than the usual and slow exchange of: “what is your name?” and “can I see your ID?”, or the slightly faster QR code scanning, this application leverages Apple iBeacon technology in the form of a beacon like a Qualcomm Gimbal, located in the will-call window.

The full flow is as follows: 

  • Some time before reaching the will-call window, the ticket is purchased and that generates an ticket ID that is sent and stored in the Blicket App.
  • Later, as the event-goer gets closer to the will-call window, the Blicket app receives the BLE transmission from the beacon.
  • The Blicket mobile app then sends the ticket ID and a picture of the person to the Bliket server-side app.
  • The picture and ticket details are then pushed to the browser operated by the person manning the will-call window.
  • When the event-goer gets to the front of the line, his picture is used to quickly confirm his identity and the ticket is issued.

Blicket uses Qualcomm Gimbal beacons, an iOS App, and Node.js and on the server side.  The functionality will be added to the main application developed by the team: TeemUp.


And enjoy the concert!


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