Enterprise App World Hackfest – June 2014

Update – Also check the posts by Xavier and Apps World.


And yet another developer event!  This time its Enterprise AppsWorld, in London, and its companion Hackathon.  The venue is the Olympia National (website, wikipedia); very pretty!


Matt presented on Trends in platform and application architectures (covering Docker, Node.js and micro-services) and Mark  participated in a panel on Embracing and accommodating change – Making your business mobile.  Progress also had a booth in the expo floor that had nice traffic


Our main sponsorship was around the Hackathon.  The event is quite different than HackTech or LAHacks; here the audience is mostly enterprise developers, not college undergrads, the size is much smaller and the hours are more… civilized :).  But the event was excellent and several teams put together solutions using Rollbase (our acquisition of Modulus was too recent for us to incorporate that content here – next time!)


The winners were two teams from the BP Mobile Apps Team, and Nigel who was providing AV support  for the conference and gave it a go with no prior programming experience.  Nigel was 3rd place in the Progress contest but was the overall winner in the competition – an excellent example of a citizen developer!




I will post more details on the hacks if/when I get them.  Or, even better, somebody in the team that organized the event, like Xavier or Gary!

A great time was had by all.  Check the complete Photo album, and the Facebook pages for Hackfest and Progress.   And looking forward to more developer events in the rest of the summer and then in the fall.

team at hackfest



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