Microsoft Band Does Not Connect to my Phone

I got a Microsoft Band this week while I was at Las Vegas for CES; the MS store at Fashion Show had a bunch of them while it is still sold out at the local Bay Area stores.  My initial goal was to use the Band as part of the January project with Akhil this month, but we then found out that the API is not yet open to 3rd party apps so I’m using it as a personal device.

I have the band paired with my iPhone 5s and so far my experience is positive.  The device is relatively comfortable and I’m currently wearing it with the display in the inside of the wrist.  I’m using it all the time, including while sleeping.

Yesterday the Band stopped connecting with my Phone.  This morning I browsed for answers and saw multiple reports of this plus some workarounds like fully resetting the band.  The solution for me was to first reboot the Band (turn it off, then turn it on), then go to the settings tile, swipe to the bluetooth configuration, then set the device on pairing.  Then go to the iOS device and pair with the band, twice.  One connection seems to be the BLE, the other the standard BT.  The Band is now syncing again.




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