Getting Started on NativeScript

NSLogoOne of the main challenges in Mobile Development is the existence of multiple target platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), each with its own platform and language.  A solution like Apache Cordova is very useful as it leverages the adoption of JavaScript and CSS but some cases require “native” code because of performance, functionality or UX and for those cases Telerik has developed NativeScript.

NativeScript also builds on JavaScript and CSS but it provides 100% access to the Native Platform API and also provides cross-platform abstractions for most common features.  The result is that you can maintain a single code base, with large / most / all of the code being common across all the platforms and only having platform-specific code for the areas where you need to.

NativeScript is in Early Access stage (request access); check out the Roadmap (this is software, so the usual caveats), the FAQ (including a short comparison with Appcelerator) and the articles listed at the bottom of this post.

Key features of NativeScript include:

  • Native UX – your apps have the performance and experience of a native app
  • 0-day support for new platforms – Telerik commits to supporting new features right after they are released.
  • XML UI Declarations – you can program all in JavaScript, but there is also support for CSS and for declarative UI using simple XML
  • Open Source – NativeScript will be released as Open Source
  • Right data-binding – in the declarative XML.  You get an extra benefit via LiveSync.

NativeScript will be supported by the Telerik tools (but you can use NativeScript w/o the tools); check the Roadmap for detais.

There are some examples as code snippets in the NS docs (I’ll add more links to samples as I find them).

Akhil Nistala has been spending time this January helping us put together additional examples, while documenting his progress in his blog.  His posts so far are:

Akhil’s samples will be available at the progress github organization and we are planning to expand on it over the next few weeks as we build towards the rest of the releases; stay tuned.

More NativeScript articles from Telerik

From Valio Stoychev (@valiostoychev)

From Sebastian Witalec (@sebawita)

From Georgi Atanazov (@atanazovg)

From Mihail Slavchev (@mslavchev)

From TJ VanToll (@tjvantoll)


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