Summer 2015 Internships

The first internship slot for Summer 2015 is now public at the Progress Job Site.  From the description:

The summer internship project will involve software development of different prototypes using NativeScript, Node.js, Telerik Platform, KendoUI, Rollbase and others, in the context of IOT.  Other responsibilities will be assigned as necessary.

The intern position is full-time for the duration of 10 to 12 weeks during summer break.

Candidates from an accredited university and a computer science program will be considered.

The current list of potential project areas includes:

  • Smart Glasses
  • Wearables / Fitness / Health
  • Connected Car
  • Office / Home automation

The opening is for Palo Alto and the interns will work with me and other technical contributors at Progress, Telerik and Modulus.  The exact number of openings is still work-in-progress, but apply to this req and I’ll shuffle when the others come online.  If you want to see work from previous internships check out Summer 2014 and Winter 2015.  More details for our plans for this summer are at Summer 2015.


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