Data Mining for a Parking Spot


This summer internship has had a common theme around parking…  Early in the summer we started a collaboration with VIMOC around their local deployments ofLandscape Computing in Palo Alto and Los Gatos and we have been using their API to build some apps leveraging Progress technologies like NativeScript and Modulus.

Different interns have focused on different angles and Jasper has been exploring Apache Spark for Data Analytics.  Jasper’s initial project was built using a MEAN stack running on the public version of Modulus and explored the VIMOC API.  For his latest project he used the same front-end stack but added some predictive analytics on the parking data.  The result is Dash, a Parking Aid.  Dash will advise you on how much extra time you should add to your travel time to account for the time spent finding an empty parking spot… And once you get to your destination you can use SpotFinder, Jasper’s first app.

The internals of Dash use Apache Spark, hosted on Amazon EC2 and using S3.  Apach Spark is a bit of an overkill for the size of the data set but we wanted to learn the technology and it works.   Here is the information on parking availability along Ramona Street, in downtown Palo Alto.

Check out Jasper’s blog and enjoy!


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