IOT Enables New Apps


IOT – the Internet of Things – produces new connected sensors and actuators.  This is creating new opportunities along multiple dimensions: new types of devices, newly available usage and user data, new accessibility and affordability of devices…  This ongoing IOT transition will also let us to combine multiple services and devices to create new applications.  For example, an App can combine the sensors in a smart phone and data from other IOT devices to react to activity within a retail store to deliver an offer for a shoe, and another can determine that a cyclist has crashed and automatically call for medical help.

Some of these applications can be quite easy to write with the appropriate infrastructure.  As an example, Antony Bello has been writing some iOS and Apple Watch applications around a theme of smart parking using NativeScript.  His latest effort is a Smart Parker App that can track where you parked, when you parked, and combine that with information of where it’s legal to park and for what time (hopefully from the City), and availability of parking in the vicinity (from a service like VIMOC’s) .

Check Antony’s write up on the current version of the App that will help drivers track of when they have to move the car.  Antony is currently working on an improved version that will incorporate data on where its legal to park and for how long.

Previously Antony had written an app to locate open parking spots – his writeup is here.


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