Trip to Sao Paulo for CALA Exchange 2015


I visited Sao Paulo this Tuesday to attend and present at Progress Exchange CALA.  It was a great experience, even considering that a red eye was involved.  It was very nice to be back in Latin America – I had not been in many years and I’d never been in Brazil.  It was a short visit due to personal and professional commitments but it was totally worth it.

The conference was very well attended; below is a picture of the keynote – in this one the presenter is Kim King; up in the front row are Colleen Smith, Jerry Rulli and Matt Gharegozlou. The pict two below is of Jerry presenting.



I gave two presentations, one on the Market Trends in IT (mostly emphasizing the tech trends), and another on The Impact of IOT.   Nice attendance; the room for the first one was full, the second was about 2/3rds.

Plenty of contacts and good conversations.  I was sad I could not stay longer; I had to high-tail out in another red eye to go to Boston the day after.



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