HackMIT – Sep 2015

HackMIT was a few weeks back, Sept 19 and 20, and Progress was a sponsor.  Jen, Jeremiah and I went there to encourage the adoption of the Telerik Platform, NativeScript and Modulus.

Attendance was about 1000 students.  The event was 24 hours, from Saturday at 10 am until Sunday at that time; a very civilized approach compared to previous events I’ve attended where hacking starts around 10 pm on Friday.

The event was at the Zesiger Sports center (map link).  Akhil managed to make it to the event (but ended up being too busy for the actual hacking), so he is in some of the pictures (Flickr album and below); a couple of other students friends there were there, sometimes we connected, sometimes we didn’t (reminder to myself – don’t email, IM is the tool of choice for this generation!).

Akhil and me in front of the hacking space
Akhil, me and Jeremiah
Team FridgeBouncer and Jen. Their NativeScript app used Clarif.ai to track the content of your grocery bag and estimate the expiration date for its content.
1000 students buzzing

A great experience.  And I think 24 hours is much better than 36 (hint to other organizers!).  More pictures at my Flickr Album.


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