AMTech – The Elevator Pitch

Version 1

The AMTech Platform is a rule system that interprets typed events acting on collections of things.  External entities can send events into the system, typically as a response to a sensor.  The rules can trigger the execution of different actions, including sending new events and creating and modifying things.  External entities can also perform CRUD operations on things, and the system can generate notifications in response to conditions.  The properties and interactions among Things and Events are defined via a standards-based Domain Application Protocol that layers on REST and WebSockets.

Version 2

The AMT platform is a multi-tenant PaaS and SaaS rule system.  The platform was designed for Digital Asset Management but it can be used in other areas.  At run-time it uses a node.js-based Gateway to manage sensor data and runs in a multi-machine cluster, leveraging multiple technologies, including Storm Analytics, Titan/Cassandra GraphDB, and Kafka Queues.  AMT is highly scalable, maintains end-to-end security and support auto-discovery and configuration.


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