Activity Monitoring using IOT

I put together a quick presentation on Using IOT for Digital Activity Monitoring.  I’ll refine it when I have an opportunity of presenting it, but, for now, check the slides at Slideshare.  See this Umbrella Post for quick links to some other related posts.

IOT-based Activity Monitoring can be used in a very large number of applications, often relying on related services like geolocation, spatial operations (“close-to”, “within”) and notifications (sending mail).  A practical product needs strong security, performance, scalability, support for many protocols (sensors and server-side), administration and flexibility of deployment options.


2 thoughts on “Activity Monitoring using IOT

  1. Nice Deck. It describes those use cases well.

    I think that many organizations are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they are going to generate. Just as we saw in the early days of BI implementations, organizations don’t always pick the correct metrics or alerts that will actually help them. I think they are going to need a lot of guidance on how to properly collect, store, archive and delete data and they are going to need to move in a somewhat ‘agile’ way in their implementations. Any company that spends 18 months creating a giant IoT system before they build real experience or get any goodness out of it at small scale will have made a serious mistake. The IoT PoC’s need to be small, quick to implement and have a real potential ROI; just like your examples.

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