CSUMB Capstone Project Fall 2016 – A Connected Capstone Festival App

The CSUMB Capstone project for Fall 2016 is a Digitally Connected Capstone Festival App using RFID Tags and Antennas, iBeacons and Mobile Apps.

The basic architecture is sensors connected to an Activity Management platform to track the real-time activities interacting with a Mobile Application used by the public and presenters at the Festival.  The project will leverage lessons learned from the Capstone project in Spring 2016, Quantifying the BIT Building,  and two previous projects: the ProgressNEXT app and a NativeScript MeetUp in Palo Alto.

The bulk of the sensor data will be from RFID tags worn by the attendees to the Festival, but additional data may come via mobile apps, reading BLE beacon proximity data and/or Geolocation data.  The Activity information will be used by mobile applications that may also provide information on the different presentations and events.


The Mobile Apps will be written using the NativeScript framework.  The backend will be based on Node.js on Modulus, though we may also use Sitefinity platform.  The Activity Monitoring Platform is that of AMTech Solutions.


We currently have 4 fixed RFID Antennas, connected to one RFID Reader that interacts with an AMTech Gateway running on a Raspberry Pi 3.  We will soon get an Invengo XC-1003 Android phone that includes an RFID reader and we can use this for operating the event.  RFID tags are 20 cents each in a volume of 1000 so we can easily provide tags for all attendees.

We have several iBeacon/Eddystone beacons that can be used to map the Capstone space and interact with the Capstone Mobile App.

Sketch of a presentation is at Slideshare.

(Added: Screenshots and pictures at Flickr)


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