Hello Invengo XC-1003!

Mehfuz just published an initial NativeScript Plugin to call into the RFID libraries in the Invengo XC-1003 (see Part I for details of the device).  Mehfuz also published a simple NativeScript App that uses the Plugin to read a tag and display it.


The plugin is written in JavaScript/TypeScript. The code (see invengo.android.ts) is platform and library specific but it is plain TypeScript calling into the RFID API via the meta-data automatically extracted by NativeScript from the .aar file.  The plugin builds on that “raw” interface and provides a nice abstraction to be used by applications.

The structure of the demo application using the Plugin is like any other NativeScript App: some Javascript (or more properlyTypeScript in this case), the CSS for the visual elements, and some Layouts (created manually or through a tool) for the screens.

In this particular case the app is not intended to be cross-platform but in general the platform-specific features are pushed down to the plugin and the app itself can be cross-platform.  All while using TypeScript/JavaScript and CSS.

Mehfuz is working on a nicer version of the app; stay tuned.

Addendumhere is a short video with the RFID plugin and a SQLite plugin.

Addendum 2 – A more capable solution,  using also the GeoLocation plugin and the Google Maps plugin, is now available.


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