CloudBees DevOptics

This last week was Jenkins World 2017, at the Marriott Marquis, in San Francisco, and CloudBees announced several new products, including one I’ve been working for the last few months: CloudBees DevOptics.

DevOptics Logo

CloudBees DevOptics provides an enterprise view of the Software Delivery Process, correlating and integrating data from different groups and tools, in a way that will let you gather real-time actionable insights into your process.

Last week we announced CloudBees DevOptics Deliver, which is focusing on tracking the flow of changes through your Sofware Process.  We leverage the ubiquity of Jenkins as the premier automation engine.  Jenkins is everywhere – in all companies – and everywhere – in all places inside all companies.


CloudBees DevOptics is a SaaS service that uses a Data Collector Plugin for Jenkins to provide information on your software process, which is then processed and then presented in a way that is useful to you.

We gave an initial view on this during the Jenkins World keynote and later at the booth.  The reaction was very positive – as in, I was aphonic at the end of the day!  Here is a pict of me waving my hands around an explanation…


I joined CloudBees earlier this year to work on this product.  I think it is a great opportunity, and I am having a blast!   More details in future posts here and in the CloudBees blog, and, in the meantime, … you can request a demo.


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