Join us – DevOptics Team

CloudBees DevOptics provides actionable insights on your software development cycle, leveraging Jenkins as the industry’s premier automation engine.  DevOptics was announced last year, at JenkinsWorld 2017 and is a growing family of offerings.  The first one, DevOptics Deliver, provides information on your Value Stream  (see Ben’s post) and there are more to come.

I am the engineering manager for the DevOptics team.   We are a geographically distributed team, with engineers in the US, Ireland, England, France and Switzerland.  Our largest offices are in Raleigh, NC, in SJ, CA, in Boston, MA, and Seville, Spain. We meet F2F regularly through the year – the photo below is from our most recent get-together, in Malahide.

Our product family is a modern, SaaS, offering.  Back end is mostly Java; frontend is currently mostly JS.

I have openings for senior and junior engineers.   Check our job page and contact our recruiting team – or send me a holler.



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