A Jenkins Run… seen from DevOptics

After Configuring and Connecting your DevOptics Plugin on your Jenkins installation, your DevOptics UI looks like this.


That is actually the Run Completion tab. The Run Insights screen has 2 other tabs, all equally empty.  Activity by hour of the Day is:


and Runs per Node Label looks as follows:


To see some activity you need to run some jobs in one of the masters connected to this account.  In our setup, that is our local master.  So… let’s run the simplest Hello World job.

Go to the Jenkins instance and look at that “New Item” on the left menu


From there, we can create the simplest FreeStyle job (yeah, you should do something cleaner, but I am running with no Plugins, so…)


Filling in the fields:


and now you can just run this job…


Let’s do it a few more times… and then let’s go to the DevOptics UI side… and this is how it will look


And a bit later…


so there you have it: your own Jenkins instance running a Hello World job, as seen by DevOptics in your Organization.  It takes a bit more than the ideal 5 minutes but it’s not too bad… I hope! 🙂

Enjoy DevOptics, and stay tuned for more developments and features…

And, collecting my most recent posts for your convenience:

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