Connected Masters for Run Insights

Embracing a SaaS culture requires a fair amount of infrastructure and adjustments to the operations of the team but it enables great speed in delivering new product features.

Our team delivers new services multiple time a day.  Sometimes the features are small and sometimes they are invisible to the end-user, but here is a very useful one that we shipped late last week: we have expanding the screen that lists Connected Masters and it now lists all the connected Masters in your Organizations, with extra information.

This feature can be very useful when you are getting started with Run Insights;.  Once you have connected a new (Jenkins or CloudBees Core) Master using the DevOptics Plugin, first go to the Settings icon on the lower left, and then go to the Connected Masters screen to see that your Master connected as you expected.

Below is a screen showing some of the Masters in our own Organization.  I sorted the list and oranged-out all but the first Master.  You can see that the version of the plugin installed in this particular Master is 1.1349 – the versions are generated automatically and continuously – and that the plugin has been configured to provide Monitoring Information on the CD Platform, and Information on the Value Streams (see Configuring the DevOptics Plugin).


Recent promotions have also improved the in-app documentation, on-boarding,, and messaging around the plugin installation.  Go SaaS!

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