Personal blog for Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart.  Writings here represent my personal opinion and do not reflect that of my current, previous, or future employers.

I am currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Freenome, a biotech company that is doing early cancer and pre-cancer detection based on biomarkers in blood using a machine learning-based classifier.  This is my first foray into biotech and I am having a blast.  The mission is unrivaled, the technology is great, and the company’s culture is as good as any I’ve been at.  More on Freenome and my work in future posts.

At CloudBees I managed several fully remote engineering teams working across multiple time zones.  We had a lot of fun shipping several SaaS products on AWS and GCP.  My initial project was DevOptics and we later delivered additional SDM products.

At Progress Software, I was VP of Technology, contributing to strategic initiatives, corporate development, product definition and development, and developer events and communities.  Towards the end of my stay I was mainly focused on IOT, particularly around Activity Management.

At BlackBerry (née Research In Motion), I was Sr. Director for Open Source. I focused on technology adoption and open source: check blackberry.github.com, DevBlog, and OpenBBNews.  My team redesigned and implemented the inbound and outbound processes for Open Source to address internal needs and participate fully in the external community.

I was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where I was involved in a number of projects: technical lead in an array of engineering projects; engineering manager for Hudson; Java Specifications; open source and community strategy for Sun’s middleware products, including GlassFish; and several adoption-related activities — most notably, chief editor for TheAquarium. Sun was acquired by Oracle in early 2010.  At Oracle I was an Architect in the Application Platform Group, focused on Open Source and Community.

I enjoy mentoring employees, interns, and university students. My latest project with students is here.

Slides of most of my public presentations are at Slideshare; public pictures are at Flickr.  I occasionally blog at Blogs.Progress.com and in the past I blogged at Java.Net and at Blogs.Sun.Com. My twitter handle is @pelegri.

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