Personal blog for Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart.  Writings here represent my personal opinion and do not reflect that of my current, previous, or future employers.

I’m currently VP, Technology at Progress Software, which I joined in November 20113.  At Progress I’ve been contributing to strategic initiatives, corporate development, products, and Developer Events and Communities.  I am currently focused on IOT, mostly around Digital Asset Tracking.  I have hosted several interns and mentored some university projects and I also mentor projects at CSUMB.

My most recent job before Progress I was Sr. Director for Open Source at Research In Motion, which I joined in December 6th, 2010.  There I was focused on open sourcing and community activities; check blackberry.github.com, DevBlog, and OpenBBNews for a partial list of activities.  My team is also responsible for inbound OSS efforts and several internal projects including enabling employees to contribute to BlackBerry AppWorld.

Before that I was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems where I was involved in a number of projects over many years.  Most recently my responsibilities at Sun included engineering manager for Hudson, open source and community strategy for Sun’s middleware products, including GlassFish, and random adoption-related activities, most notably, chief editor for TheAquarium.

Sun was acquired by Oracle in early 2010, where I was an Architect in the Application Platform Group, focused on Open Source and Community.  I left Oracle in November 30th, 2010.

I am currently also blogging at Blogs.Progress.com.  In the past I blogged at Java.Net and at Blogs.Sun.Com, as pelegri  (wayback machine) and The Aquarium (wayback machine).

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