Free DevOptics Run Insights

DevOps World and Jenkins World is next week and, to get ready, we are releasing a Free Version of DevOptics.  Late last year we had released the initial version of DevOptics Value Streams (see here).  Later we re-whacked the whole thing into a proper SaaS UI – though I never got to write a post on it.  A month ago, building on that SaaS UI, and improving on it, we added a whole new set of features: Run Insights, and now we have improved the whole experience, including signup, on-boarding and more.

Life as a SaaS is “interesting” ™… I’ll post more about that in a future post.  I’ll confess I’ve not had this much fun – or worked so hard – since the early GlassFish days…

So, here we go!  We now have a brand-new Sign-up page – from, you will get to:

If this is the first time, this will get you into our onboarding page

Then you get into DevOptics itself.  If you look on the left you will see two icons on the top, one is for Run Insights, the other is for Value Streams.   Both depend on data that is generated by our DevOptics Plugin, so the first time you land here you may get this:

Even before installing the plugin – and collecting data – you can configure your profile

The setting icon at the bottom links you to this (this is WIP, that screen should have more information later in the week…)

Up there, is the Value Stream link, which in this Free account is not doing anything:

If we had installed the plugin and had collected data, the Run Insights screen might look like this:

CloudBees DevOptics Run Insights

That screenshot is from Ben’s post from July; there are a couple of minor UI changes since then, including the help link, as below


And you can also switch between the Organizations you belong to


Live as a SaaS means we are continuously upgrading the experience; we expect small refinements before next week but you can go to now and give it a swirl.

DevOptics works with plain Jenkins, so you can download the latest Jenkins from here, install the DevOptics Installer Plugin, and then the DevOptics Plugin itself, and you should be running in about 10 minutes.  10 minutes is about right: you do NOT need to install all the plugins, nor restart… I’ll see if we can add a video of the experience.

And I hope to see some of you next week at DevOps World | Jenkins World in SF.

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Join us – DevOptics Team

CloudBees DevOptics provides actionable insights on your software development cycle, leveraging Jenkins as the industry’s premier automation engine.  DevOptics was announced last year, at JenkinsWorld 2017 and is a growing family of offerings.  The first one, DevOptics Deliver, provides information on your Value Stream  (see Ben’s post) and there are more to come.

I am the engineering manager for the DevOptics team.   We are a geographically distributed team, with engineers in the US, Ireland, England, France and Switzerland.  Our largest offices are in Raleigh, NC, in SJ, CA, in Boston, MA, and Seville, Spain. We meet F2F regularly through the year – the photo below is from our most recent get-together, in Malahide.

Our product family is a modern, SaaS, offering.  Back end is mostly Java; frontend is currently mostly JS.

I have openings for senior and junior engineers.   Check our job page and contact our recruiting team – or send me a holler.


CloudBees DevOptics

This last week was Jenkins World 2017, at the Marriott Marquis, in San Francisco, and CloudBees announced several new products, including one I’ve been working for the last few months: CloudBees DevOptics.

DevOptics Logo

CloudBees DevOptics provides an enterprise view of the Software Delivery Process, correlating and integrating data from different groups and tools, in a way that will let you gather real-time actionable insights into your process.

Last week we announced CloudBees DevOptics Deliver, which is focusing on tracking the flow of changes through your Sofware Process.  We leverage the ubiquity of Jenkins as the premier automation engine.  Jenkins is everywhere – in all companies – and everywhere – in all places inside all companies.


CloudBees DevOptics is a SaaS service that uses a Data Collector Plugin for Jenkins to provide information on your software process, which is then processed and then presented in a way that is useful to you.

We gave an initial view on this during the Jenkins World keynote and later at the booth.  The reaction was very positive – as in, I was aphonic at the end of the day!  Here is a pict of me waving my hands around an explanation…


I joined CloudBees earlier this year to work on this product.  I think it is a great opportunity, and I am having a blast!   More details in future posts here and in the CloudBees blog, and, in the meantime, … you can request a demo.

And now at CloudBees


 I’m overdue for an update on my work status.  I started working at CloudBees in March but I’ve been going full speed since then and I’ve not had much time to write.  JenkinsWorld is at the end of the month, so we are not exactly slowing down, but I want to get my update before then.

Progress Software announced a New Strategic Plan during its FY Year End report (link) and: “Progress intends to reduce headcount by approximately 450 employees, totaling over 20% of the Company’s workforce.”  So, I went looking, found different options and… CloudBees, I choose you!

There are many reasons for choosing CloudBees…

  • CloudBees is the commercial home for Jenkins (home, wikipedia), the ubiquitous Automation Server,
  • Software is Eating the World  and Jenkins is the main automation engine driving this,  There are many great opportunities around CloudBees and Jenkins…
  • I know, have worked with, and I am friends with many of the CloudBees folks.  Kohsuke, the creator of Hudson/Jenkins used to work for me,  I have worked with HarpreetVivek,  Dave, Alyssa, John (and others?) at Sun, with Steve at Oracle, and over the years I’ve been at the other side of many chats with Sacha and others.


  • I had an opportunity to try a new role, engineering manager, with a great team, in a great product…

So, here I am, at CloudBees.  I work from the San Jose office, by the SJO airport


Kohsuke and Harpreet are also based there, and so is Womby (Why Wombats?)

IMG_1118 2.jpg

We have a great team!  And, and we have some openings.  We need:

Ping me if you want to work with me and us.  As somebody said: Kick Butt and Have Fun!