And now at CloudBees


 I’m overdue for an update on my work status.  I started working at CloudBees in March but I’ve been going full speed since then and I’ve not had much time to write.  JenkinsWorld is at the end of the month, so we are not exactly slowing down, but I want to get my update before then.

Progress Software announced a New Strategic Plan during its FY Year End report (link) and: “Progress intends to reduce headcount by approximately 450 employees, totaling over 20% of the Company’s workforce.”  So, I went looking, found different options and… CloudBees, I choose you!

There are many reasons for choosing CloudBees…

  • CloudBees is the commercial home for Jenkins (home, wikipedia), the ubiquitous Automation Server,
  • Software is Eating the World  and Jenkins is the main automation engine driving this,  There are many great opportunities around CloudBees and Jenkins…
  • I know, have worked with, and I am friends with many of the CloudBees folks.  Kohsuke, the creator of Hudson/Jenkins used to work for me,  I have worked with HarpreetVivek,  Dave, Alyssa, John (and others?) at Sun, with Steve at Oracle, and over the years I’ve been at the other side of many chats with Sacha and others.


  • I had an opportunity to try a new role, engineering manager, with a great team, in a great product…

So, here I am, at CloudBees.  I work from the San Jose office, by the SJO airport


Kohsuke and Harpreet are also based there, and so is Womby (Why Wombats?)

IMG_1118 2.jpg

We have a great team!  And, and we have some openings.  We need:

Ping me if you want to work with me and us.  As somebody said: Kick Butt and Have Fun!