Curriculum Vitae

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

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Strong technologist with a strategic perspective, a good feel for communities and a collegial approach.  Most recent experience in Cloud Applications, Continuous Development, Mobile Development, PaaS, node.js, Microservices, RAD and IoT.

Job Experience

  • Engineering Manager, CloudBees
    • Engineering Manager for a new Continuous Development Service that will leverage the industry leading Jenkins automation server. Engineering team is distributed worldwide. Product details are currently not public.
  • VP Technology, Progress Software
    • Product and technology strategy and research, M&A, technology adoption, management, partner and customer relations.  Work in mobile tools, RAD platform, PaaS, node.js and IoT.
  • Director, BlackBerry Inc.
    • Definition, implementation and adoption of OSS-based strategy and practices, OSS compliance, and technology adoption. Worked in mobile hybrid and native platform, frameworks and tools.
  • Architect, Oracle Corporation
    • GlassFish community (Oracle acquired Sun in 2010)
  • Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
    • Product development, specifications, community development, OSS, business development, technology adoption, architecture, management. Worked in Java, Hudson/Jenkins, GlassFish, Middleware, Developer Tools and Compilers.

Areas of Contribution

Technical Contributions – Individual and Overview/Architect

Individual contributor and lead at Sun in Developer Tools and Compilers. Wrote or coordinated multiple industry-wide server-side Java specs, including JSP.  One of 3 Distinguished Engineers overseeing all of Sun’s middleware.  Led IOT work at Progress.  Architect contributions in all companies.

Team Management

Managed many small teams of high-performance engineers and occasionally also larger teams.  Currently managing a team with worldwide distribution.

Product Definition and Delivery

Defined and delivered multiple products to market at Sun.  Currently leading a new product in the space of Continuous Delivery at CloudBees.

Strategy Definition

Strategy leadership at Sun and Progress in multiple areas.  Open Source strategy at BlackBerry. IOT strategy at Progress. Advisor to several startups.

Adoption-Based Products

Lead or key player in multiple projects at Sun, Oracle, Blackberry, and Progress, including Tomcat, GlassFish, Hudson/Jenkins and NativeScript.  Designed and implemented new practices to build and interact with the community of contributors, partners and customers using Open Source and freely available software.  Presentations in multiple events, online and in conferences.

Internet of Things

Strategy, prototyping, advocacy and business development in IOT, specially around Activity Monitoring Systems, Android & Linux-based Instruments and Sensors, and modern, multi-tier, applications.  Currently advising several IOT companies.

Open Source Licenses and Communities

Deep experience with Open Source, including development, community and compliance; in companies with different corporate cultures.

Corporate Development / M&A

Lead or key contributor to multiple acquisitions at Progress and Sun, including MySQL, Modulus and Telerik.

Mentorship / University Relations

Mentored engineers, undergrad and grad students at Sun, BlackBerry and Progress. Currently mentoring students at CSUMB.

Formal Education


  • Two-time winner of Sun Chairman’s Innovation Award
  • Sun’s Distinguished Engineer
  • 8 Patents Granted