Linkality – IOT, NativeScript and Node at CSUMB


Last Friday was the Capstone Festival for Fall 2016 at CSUMB and our team delivered Linkality, a Cross-Platform (iTunes App Store and Google Play) App for visitors to the Capstone Festival that leverages data from iBeacons and RFID sensors.

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Welcome Aboard, Modulus!

I’m very happy to report that today Progress Software has announced the acquisition of Modulus.  I’m looking forward to working more closely with the team – I’ve really enjoyed all my interactions with Charlie, Brandon and Ghuffran and it will be fun to meet the rest.  I already scheduled a get-together in Cincinnati with our summer interns!


Modulus provides a PaaS to host, deploy, scale and monitor applications using Node.js and MongoDB.  The Modulus platform is offered as a hosted service and can also be deployed by enterprises in public, private and hybrid clouds as well as in an on-premise infrastructure.  This flexibility is fully aligned with what we offer in the Progress Software product line.

The Modulus team has been doing an outstanding job with their platform, adding new features like multi-region and multi-provider scalability; you can expect continued new features with the extra resources that come with the acquisition.


We continue to see strong adoption of Node.js in the industry and we are starting to see increased use of Node.js within our own customers of Progress Software.  Node.js also opens many new ways to leverage our offerings; for example, Node.js is a natural way to interact with the services needed for IOT applications,  and Rollbase and Node.js are also natural partners – check the posts from LAHacks for early combinations.

In addition to a great team and a great product, Modulus is also built on up-to-the-minute technology.  It is a very young company which means it leverages all the modern building blocks that we, and our customers, need to face the needs of our changing industry – from  Joyent JoyentCloud and Amazon’s AWS to LXC.  The code is also very well architected, reusable and scalable.  The platform is all written in Node.js except for the new load balancer, which is written in Go – more on that in some future post.

More details of the synergies between Progress Software and Modulus is at the Modulus site.  You can keep track of the goings of the Modulus team at their blog, and I’ll also provide highlight and commentary here too.

Very much looking forward to a great summer!