A Modern RFID App Using NativeScript


Mehfuz has finished a first pass at an RFID scanning app for the Invengo XC-1003 (see earlier progress reports: part I and part II) leveraging NativeScript.  You can see the code for the app at GitHub.

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Using RFID Tags in a Meetup

Last week we hosted the NativeScript SV MeetUp at our office in downtown Palo Alto.  The meeting focused on using NativeScript in combination with CloudBase but we added RFID tags to spice the event, and I think the result was very successful.

The use of RFID tags was a variation on how we used them for the ProgressNEXT Event in Las Vegas earlier in the year.  We prepared holders for all the attendees, with space for their name at the front and an RFID tag at the back.


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Come for NativeScript, Angular and CouchBase – Stay for a Pokemon

This Thursday (Jul 28, ’16), we are hosting a MeetUp at 6pm at our location in downtown Palo Alto (Google Maps – MeetUp info).  Mehfuz and Nic will show how to create native cross-platform Apps using NativeScript and CouchBase.

CouchBase is an open-source, distributed (shared-nothing architecture) multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database; NativeScript is an open source platform for building cross-platform Native mobile applications using JavaScript and CSS.  NativeScript leverages a high performance bridge between any native platform API and JavaScript which can be used to create Plugins that extend the platform.  Mehfuz and Nic will show how to use the CouchBase plugin in an app where information created by one user in one smartphone can automatically be shared with another user in another smartphone.

Mehfuz will also show how to use his Estimote plugin; combined with the CouchBase plugin, the iBeacon data read by one phone is automatically synchronized to the other.

We are sprinkling a slight IOT overlay on the MeetUp.  We took some of the RFID configuration we used in a Conference App earlier this year and we now have them connected to a Raspberry Pi 3.  UPS-willing, the plan is to add some RFID tags to the badges for the MeetUp and show you how a modern Data Speed Layer (like AMTech.Solutions) can be used to track an asset (you) on a space.

Following the Pokemon Go mania, I’ve ordered some Pokemon figures as prizes for the attendees. Raichu arrived yesterday, others to follow (update – All Pokemons are here; check the Flickr Album).  See you on Thursday.


Summer 2015 IOT Projects

The summer interns are all here in Palo Alto.  From left to right in the picture after me are Jasper, Antony and Shivali.  They will be writing posts and creating open source samples.   I will use this post to collect links to their work TeamPhoto From Jasper:

From Antony:

From Shivali: