The Hackfest – London, Nov 2014

November 30, 2014

As part of Apps World London 2014, Progress was a sponsor in their Hackfest event.


The apps all leveraged Node.js though Modulus.  Additional links as I contact the winners.

Hacking at Yale – Report from Jeremiah

November 30, 2014

Jeremiah has posted his report on YHack.   Fun was had by all!


Docker Inside … Modulus

November 18, 2014

As of late October (announcement), Modulus switched to using Docker as its container technology.


Check Bradon’s post for full details.

(Short) Winter Internships at Progress

November 13, 2014

I have two reqs for (short) winter internships in our mid-Peninsula (SF Bay) offices.   Information at  Reqs are here and here.

I’d like to make a decision on this in the next week or two max as everybody needs to make plans for the end of the year.

Modulus at AWS Marketplace and re:Invent

November 6, 2014


Modulus is now available at the AWS Marketplace, just in time for AWS re:Invent.  If you go to the event, drop by booth 250 to learn about the latest features in our recent release.  You can also get an invitation to our party Wed night at the Bellagio.

Also see the official blog posts from Modulus and from Progress.


Progress and Modulus at YHack

October 30, 2014

Progress is one of the sponsors for YHack, this weekend at Yale University.  The Modulus team will be represented by Jeremiah Harlan and Rollbase and Rollbase Mobile will be represented by Shelley Chase. The team will bring some Gimbal iBeacons ahd some Philips Hues (flickr album) and a couple of BeagleBone Blacks as prizes (flickr album).


Jeremiah and Shelley are also collecting SWAG.  The new Modulus stickers just arrived so Jeremiah will bring some.


See my blog at the Progress website: Happy Halloween at YHack 2014.

New Modulus Release

October 28, 2014


The good folks in Cincinnati have a new Modulus release.  There are some cool changes underneath plus some very useful new user-visible changes:

  • Servos now come in 3 sizes: 396MB, 512MB and 1024MB.
  • Auto-scaling for your projects leveraging the built-in analytics and user-provided rules.
  • Statistics can now be explored in a per-servo or aggregated manner.

More details on this release are in the Modulus blog.

Also released recently is the new site; post your questions, email the modulus support team, or chat with the team.


Latest Presentations at SlideShare

October 27, 2014

I’ve been publishing my presentations at SlideShare to make them more available.  The most recent presentations are:


Searchly Now at Modulus AddOn Marketplace

October 27, 2014

The latest addition to the Modulus AddOns Marketplace is Searchly.


Searchly is a hosted, managed and scalable Search-as-a-Service leveraging Elasticsearch.  The service comes in different subscription levels from a FREE level up to an ENTERPRISE level with unlimited number of documents, 22 indices and 20GB of storage.

Other AddOns in the marketplace include Ironworker, Keen IO, IronMQ and SendGrid.  Plus our own MongoDB.  All the AddOns include a FREE level, so you can get started right now.

Welcome Aboard, Telerik!

October 22, 2014

Today Progress and Telerik announced that Progress has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Telerik AD; check our Press Release and Vassil and Zarko’s post.   This is great news; welcome aboard, Telerik!

You may know Telerik from their UI components and tools (DevCraft), available for .NET, Web and Mobile, from their excellent KendoUI HTML5 components, from the Sitefinity WCMS, from Fiddler, the popular MiM debugging proxy, or their ALM tools like TeamPulse and TestStudio.  Most recently they released the comprehensive mobile Telerik Platform.  Telerik’s mobile product supports native and hybrid development, the latter using Apache Cordova and they have a nice catalog of verified Plugin.

Telerik’s website is very good; poke around for more information – note that the Sitefinity information is in its own website.TelerikProducts

Telerik’s HQ is in Sofia, Bulgaria.  I visited this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward going back.  Telerik is a key contributor to the high-tech culture in Bulgaria (see awards); they have been named Best Employer in Bulgaria for 6 years in a row, and this year they received their second award as Best Employer in Central and Easter Europe.  They have a great culture, with very interesting approaches to the needs of their company like Telerik Academy.  Telerik also has offices in other locations including Walthan, MA, and Palo Alto, CA; altogether 9 offices in 7 countries.

Telerik has over 130K customers from 60K organizations in 94 countries.  They have a solid presence in the Fortune 500 companies (over 450), goverments and non-profits.  They have a very agile organization and use modern processes and tools (including OpenStack and Node.js).

I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of the team and I can’t wait to work more closely with the co-founders Vassil, Zarko, Boyko, Hristo, as well as Aaron, Dimi, Todd, Zaris and the rest of the team.


The combination of Progress and Telerik creates a complete platform combining cloud and on-premise offerings to enable the rapid creation of applications driven by data for any device or cloud.  The combined company builds on OpenEdge and our DataDirect offerings with the Pacific components of Rollbase productivity platform and our Node.js and MongoDB offering in Modulus.

Moving forward to a new chapter in the story of Telerik and Progress.  Fun times ahead!

Telerik Timeline




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